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'No matter if you are a mature golfer or a beginner Ben Tebbs is the teacher for you With his lessons he soon puts you at ease and explains your faults He quickly sees the cause of the problems with your swing and illustrates, in simple terms, the correction For clarification he videos before and after, so that so that you have a clear understanding of the changes needed. Juniors enjoy his simple approach and respect him for his attitude to them which is a great introduction to the game of golf. Without doubt Tebbs is Tops'.
James Warner

‘Ben’s approach to teaching is simple, uncomplicated and confidence building. He works with what you have and my game is improving.’
Geoff Start

'The golf swing is an unnatural movement for most people - Ben's coaching methods together with his detailed follow up video analysis give golfers of all standards a clear insight into how the correct set up and swing plane can be achieved'.
John Stimson

'I played with Ben in a pro am last year and within two minutes he had identified a fundamental fault with my set up and initial takeaway. A half hour lesson and putting into practice his advice, I am now averaging thirty to forty yards further off the tee and more importantly, under control. We are now working on the draw. Ben is extremely patient, he is good company, he doesn’t attempt to alter a swing too much and offers sound advice
Last year I was fortunate to win a major competition, my first after 26 years of membership, which involved qualifying rounds and a 36 hole match play final at MGC. I have no doubt that my success was directly a result of my lesson with Ben Tebbs'
David Woolmer

'I am writing to express my thanks to you for your endeavours in improving my golf game. Your analysis of my swing and the changes you have suggested indicates a complete understanding of this important part of this wonderful game we all so enjoy. Your analysis, backed up with the technology you use is very sound indeed, all of which you communicate in an excellent manner. Thank you Ben'.
Jack Lambert

'Ben clearly sees where your problem areas lie, and with the help of video technology he can clearly show where you are going wrong. (though it’s painful to watch).
The written feedback and video clips as a follow up are also very helpful. The information he provides is concise and easy to understand, I never feel overloaded with too many changes to make'.
David Duncan

'I have been a member of Malden since 1970 but have only had time to take my golf seriously since I retired a few years ago when I started having lessons from Ben.
Ben has a pleasant and engaging personality which soon puts you at ease and allows you to relax during the session. He is passionate about golf, has a great understanding of the game and the ability to quickly see your problems. 
During the lesson Ben explains in easy to understand terms the steps I need to take which were clearly evident to me when looking at his video and the drills he recommended have been most helpful. He follows this up with a video diary giving a summary of the lesson which I find indispensable this feedback is something to which I can refer to from time to time. 
Ben’s patience, encouragement, motivation and enthusiasm have been most rewarding, my game has improved and I will certainly return to him for more help when needed.
His knowledge and ability is not just confined to giving lessons but also extends to golf equipment. I frequently ask his advice in the shop when choosing clubs etc. and I am pleased with the speed he orders the goods and chases suppliers if he considers they are not providing the right service.'
Fred England

'Ben has a unique ability to quickly diagnose a swing fault and then explain in simple terms how to correct it without starting to rebuild your swing from scratch. He has a friendly, relaxed manner and is always very encouraging which is a great help to improving confidence'. 
Richard Middleton

'Ben is a great teaching professional, both for ladies & gentlemen - whenever I have needed help with my swing - Ben has been able to spot my errors and correct them in a simple and understandable way.
He is very good on all aspects of the swing but I particularly thank him with regard to my short game and I now have no fear of bunkers. He is a thoroughly nice guy, good at his job and from my experience - gets positive results every time'
Jenny Petersen

'I have been working on my game with Ben throughout all my junior years. I have made some great golfing achievements with in this time. A significant one was dropping from an 11 handicap to a 6 In one summer aged 13. Now an assistant PGA professional, I turned pro off a 4 handicap. Ben is an excellent coach, working on areas which needed improvement and helping me groove an effective golf swing'.
Cameron Robinson

'I went to Ben after a number of years where my golf had been gradually declining. Ben was very positive in his approach and clearly identified key areas of improvement. His teaching approach is Friendly and positive. His focus on key areas of improvement quickly led to very positive results for me.I made clear progress both achieving a lower handicap and winning my Society Victor Ludorum as a consequence. Ben continues to provide quality advice and his lessons ensure I quickly pick up on my faults. Following a lesson in chipping I went directly out and played chipping in on the 10th for an Eagle'!
Peter Berring

Recently I decided to try and correct one of the areas of my game that was losing me distance and direction, namely the tendency of my shots to fade rather than go straight or even draw, ( some hope!). So I booked a lesson with Ben. Long before the lesson started (and not part of the 1/2 hour I paid for) Ben spent time to find out exactly what I was concerned about, what I wanted to change or improve. During the lesson I felt he was trying to improve what I had rather than previous pros who tried to get me to play to their way. Not only did he demonstrate his teaching, he also used video software which we could look at straight away and compare with his and others swings via a split screen. This was a great benefit and really helped my understanding of what he was saying. It was a great lesson, which I felt I came away from realising where I had to make some small changes to improve the flight of my ball. Following the lesson Ben sent me copies of the videos, tips and drills to continue to work on my game. In my opinion be has a great teaching manner, bags of ability and made me (as a mature golfer) feel that he can help me improve. I'm going to book a putting lesson with him very soon, hoping for many more one and two putt holes. I really like Ben's style of teaching and have no hesitation in recommending him to any golfer who wants to improve any part of their game'.
Ray McCullagh

'One lesson with Ben and I won the next competition I played in!!! What more could I ask for... He listened, watched, filmed, and then explained what we needed to change and work on. Even sending an email afterwards showing my swing on video and listing the alterations we worked on during the lesson. I highly recommend you booking a lesson with him to help you improve your golf game'.
Veronica Drye

'Since I have started playing golf here at New Malden, Ben has helped non – stop to improve my golf and to help me with short game, long game and putting lessons for the past 5 years. I started at Malden with a handicap of 36 and have dramatically improved and have a current handicap of 6. As well as helping me improve my game on the course, he has helped me off the course by giving up his time to help show me what happens behind closed doors and showing the life of a professional during my few weeks of work experience'.
Ronnie Casey

'During my lessons with Ben it is very noticeable how quickly he identifies swing faults and how clearly, using an ipad, he demonstrates these to the customer. He then shows still photos of positions that can easily be attained and coaches the customer through them. During all of this there is none of the usual patter designed to bring the customer back on a regular basis, so all of the problems are dealt with in one go not as a money making drip feed. Hence I will use Ben as my coach regularly and thoroughly recommend him'.
Barry Wood

'If you want value for money and a video analysis, see Ben. He keeps it very simple and takes a video of the swing, no more gobbledegook and chat which just confuses the brain. A picture is worth a thousand words, you don’t have to visualise what you should be doing, you can see it yourself. The instructional lesson is excellent, unelaborated and very understandable. The Leadbetter of Malden'!!
John Kindred

'Lessons have been very good and while there has been a big improvement more work is required'.
Brendan McCullagh

'I have known Ben since I joined Malden Golf Club, I started here 5 years ago off a handicap of 36 and made rapid improvements under Bens supervision. Through his simple but effective teaching that clarifies in easy to understand terms, exactly what I need to improve. I am now off a handicap of 5 and continue to have lessons with Ben in hope of reaching scratch eventually. Ben is very personable and I experienced this first hand when I worked in the pro shop for a week and observed his tireless work ethic all day every day'.
Jack Higgins

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