Malden Golf Club

Ben Tebbs PGA Pro
Course Open.

Ben’s ethos...

Golfers are a wonderful bunch. I enjoy working with, and meeting, new people every day.
My ethos is very simple, I have the PGA training, my own swing thoughts and also some from Hogan and Grout (coach to Jack Nicklaus). I therefore have a true mixture of fundamentals, old and new beliefs and I feel that I have my own way of getting these across.
I don't teach the same way to everyone. I adapt my advice/teaching to what I think will suit that individual and I will work with them to achieve their (and our) goals.
I dislike mats at driving ranges and I disapprove of low compression balls. I feel these create a false golfing environment. They simply do not give the student or the teacher a true reflection of many vital elements i.e. strike and ball flight, which are fundamental to the coaching process.
I am a strong believer in self-sufficiency; that a golfer must be in charge of his own swing. I think that a golfer can only achieve their full potential by being self-reliant.
My goal is to develop golfers that are not only skilled technically, but also are so confident of their skills that they can identify and fix their own swing flaws on the course without me being there.
My lessons are conducted either on course or on a turfed practice area and always with a camera using the “v1 golf app”. At the end of a lesson with me you will understand why a fault is happening, what the solution is, and what to work on to correct the fault.
Lessons are always followed up with notes, still photographs and videos enabling students to understand the functionally of their swings.
They will also enjoy seeing the corrected results!
Lessons with me are informative, fun, honest and to the point!
Please see the contact/rates page to book.

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